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The Arise Black Midwife Midwifery Board Exam Awards!

  Congratulations to  All Arise Black Midwife Graduates and recent Graduates!!!  Your Communities cannot wait for you to begin!  Arise Black Midwife  is offering The Midwifery Board Exam Awards!  These awards will cover the fees for taking the midwifery board exam for your pathway. You are eligible if  1) You have participated in The Arise Black Midwife Commitment Ceremony or the Aspire to Inspiring Student Midwife Programming 2) You plan to take your Midwifery Board Exams in the next 9 months OR you have passed your Midwifery Board Exams within the past 3 months . To qualify, please send an email to with the following information: 1) Proof of Midwifery program completion 2) The cost of your total board exam fees Awardees will receive funds to cover their Midwifery Board Exam fees and be honored at the 2023 Arise Black Midwife Commitment Event. For more information, please contact the Arise Black Midwife Director of Advocacy at hello@ariseblackmidwife.or