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About Arise Black Midwife 2023

  There is something peculiar and deeply unique about the Rising Black Midwife. Their origins are strong and their passion unusually groundbreaking. Midwifery is not a basic job choice to them—no, it's typically a calling that rises from their soul. Unfortunately however, the plight of the Black Midwife is never truly straightforward or direct! The obstacles we face arise as if to prevent us from attaining this goal! No matter our native land, our kind, our tribe or tongue, the truth remains that we don’t have the same access, and becoming midwives will empower us to be pillars of hope for our community.  Arise Black Midwife is a commitment ceremony that came from this concept. It is a single affair where aspiring black midwives commit to their personal journeys to the field in a meaningful way, while being guided by the altruistic blessings of current black midwives who have risen through their experiences. Much like the African American tradition of fostering unity and sisterhood