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There is something peculiar and deeply unique about the Rising Black Midwife. Their origins are strong and their passion unusually groundbreaking. Midwifery is not a basic job choice to them—no, it's typically a calling that rises from their soul. Unfortunately however, the plight of the Black Midwife is never truly straightforward or direct! The obstacles we face arise as if to prevent us from attaining this goal! No matter our native land, our kind, our tribe or tongue, the truth remains that we don’t have the same access, and becoming midwives will empower us to be pillars of hope for our community. 

Arise Black Midwife is a commitment ceremony that came from this concept. It is a single affair where aspiring black midwives commit to their personal journeys to the field in a meaningful way, while being guided by the altruistic blessings of current black midwives who have risen through their experiences. Much like the African American tradition of fostering unity and sisterhood through sacred community, the intention of this event is to revive Hope and insinuate Vision towards Midwifery as an Act of Faith. So many Black peoples find it difficult to see beyond the limitations before us. 

Our collective participation with others leads to a deeper camaraderie that we may not find within our educational institutions. The special part of this commitment event is that it is very personal, as each of us are walking a unique journey. This opportunity is open to all genres of midwifery, from the student rejoicing for claiming their imminent goal, to the person quietly struggling to even consider beginning! We are the hope for now and for the future. 

This year we will be honoring 15 aspiring black midwives who are committing to their journeys toward black midwifery. Guiding Midwives will give of their time to guide the event activities, such as through words of guidance, ceremonial proclamations, acknowledgments of the rising midwives, etc. In addition, we will be honoring 5 new midwifery graduates who are the recipients of the Arise Black Midwife Midwifery Board Exam Award this year. They will be celebrated as they step into the coveted role of New Black Midwife! Guiding Black Midwives and New Graduate Black Midwives can RSVP here

This Year we are also excited to host Gracie Deola's The Midwife's Apothecary as our unifying activity. This Event will be hosted on December 16, 2023 prior to the Commitment Ceremony.  Past Arise Black Midwife participants are welcome to join us for this exciting training at a special rate.

Past participants of Arise Black Midwife are welcome to RSVP


Birthworkers, herbalists, pregnant folks, e'erbody... this one is for you!

Get ready to deepen your knowledge and empower your clients with the gift of herbal remedies? Join us for "The Midwife's Apothecary: Essential Herbs for Pregnancy and Postpartum" – a virtual class led by an experienced Black midwife and herbalist.

🌼 Gain insights into the world of herbal medicine, learn about the safety of herbal remedies during pregnancy, and discover how to effectively recommend natural options to your clients and family members for their pregnancy journey.

🌱 Could it get any better? Oh yeah! Participants will receive specially curated herb boxes delivered straight to their doors. That's right! You get your own goodie box, so you can make stuff while we talk and ask all your questions real-time.

Elevate your practice, expand your knowledge, and make a few herbal remedies while you're at it.

Ready to embrace the power of herbs in nurturing new beginnings? Sign up today and secure your spot!


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